By Any Means

  • At the end of a particularly grueling summer day, Ash is heading home to his wife and kids when he discovers a pair of bodies, shot execution style, in the front seat of a crashed vehicle. As the first officer on the scene, Ash finds himself and his department 20 minutes behind a killer in a race where every second counts. With two victims down and a third unaccounted for, the clock is ticking and Ash must find the killer before he strikes again.
  • What others are saying
    "This is a first-class cop novel [with] richly portrayed contextual details. The author works, with great success, to bring freshness to the genre's conventions: the hero's greenhorn partner, the meddlesome feds, the surly superior, the worried wife...Culver's skill makes all this obsessively readable."—Booklist
    "Intricately plotted...Readers will look forward to seeing more of the complex Ash."—Publisher's Weekly